DO NOT USE STEPHANIE CASH from pacific standard mortgages!

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Do not use stephanie cash as a mortgage broker from pacific standard mortgage unless you want to be ignored!Once you lock in your rate, you can expect terrible customer service.

Your questions will not be answered, and she will not help you get a lower rate or explain the loan process with you. You should be able to feel comfortable and knowledgable about your loan process. You can expect to be written off once you lock in that rate.

Even if you request to negotiate another loan, she will not get back to you until it is too late.Use another broker, she is terrible!



Enjoyed our experience from start to finish.This reviewer is suspect and I agree with the comment above that it should be taken "with a grain of salt" when they leave it as anonymous.

We got the best loan and Stephanie answered every question we had over the 6 months we were in escrow. This was not easy since we were always checking in with her but she was delightful to talk to and encouraged our calls. She was knowledgeable, professional, kind and we felt treated us like she would her own family. I am not sure what happened above but it sounds like they wanted to renegotiate really late in the process.

Read between the lines on that review.

Stephanie was good to work with and I would recommend her to everyone I know.We love our home!

Riverside, California, United States #772205

I worked with Stephanie during my own home purchase last year and I thought she was exemplary.She was more than pleasant to work with, she answered all of my questions in a timely manner throughout the purchase process, and she even followed up with me once I'd moved in to make sure that I was settled in and had no other issues or concerns.

So it's a shame that the anonymous poster above had a less than positive experience with Stephanie.

It might have been more helpful to add specific complaints to the critique of Stephanie, since the lack of details, at least in my mind, justifies taking the complaint with the proverbial "grain of salt." In any event, I'm sure most others will have an equally positive experience working with Stephanie, assuming the basic tenets of courtesy and kindness are observed and practiced.



Used her and had a great experience!

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